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Who will join Cleantech Romania? 

Cleantech Romania is interested to find the Romanian experts and business personalities that developed their reputation based on the same values and that are willing to share their vision and strategies. 


The persons, will be those leaders of organizations, associațs and partners  that will inspire the future entrepreneur generations, managers and researchers to become successful people bringing their valuable contribution to the Romanian economic development. 





Why to join Cleantech Romania? 





  • If we don’t want to change the way we live, travel, consume, we must modify the way we`re using the resources. Because they are not endless. This process we call  RESPONSIBILITY.

  • The technological processes have been created starting with the desire to enhance a certain situation. The main reason was to achieve a more efficient  process of using the resources – natural, financial, human. The new technologies need to ensure the efficient and responsible use of those resources.

  • Currently, the human society consumption is three times bigger than actually needed and than what the planet can sustain. We can see this reflected directly in the environmental changes and costs.

  • A good cooperation between business area, society, government and authorities, could create a formula that allows the commercial business relations to become supporting settlements for a better coordination of both sides needs and requirements.


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