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Global Cleantech Cluster Association - GCCA

The Global Cleantech Cluster Association currently consists of  49 Global Clusters members which represent over 10,000 Cleantech Companies Worldwide. 

GCCA is always striving for business excellence. GCCA believes in sharing best practices as well as insights among all Cleantech cluster managers, including working alongside different groups to aid in the development of successful measures for various Cleantech cluster-based activities. The GCCA provides networking as well as collaboration to all members. All clusters and cluster partners all over the world have direct access to one another. Many of these clusters have regularly scheduled manager meetings either face-to-face or via VOIP and other telecommunication options. GCCA provides visibility, exposure and complete recognition. This includes not only the website, but also at meetings and events. One of the objectives at the GCCA is to make local Cleantech clusters global. By providing the unique opportunity to talk with other clusters on the other side of the world and open up brand new marketing opportunities. For example, there is the GCCA Later Stage Award, which is a collaborative effort between the GCCA and its technology platform partner, Skipso.

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