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Cleantech Romania 4 Pillars


Our aim is to create a community of experts and organizations that will work with the clear goal of identify the most efficient and effective way to use the resources in a more sustainable way. The community aim to share and support the implementation of new technologies and principles on business, educational and social areas.


Communication platform 

We aim to become the communication platform that gathers for the first time in Romania, under the same values and guidelines, ideas and businesses in order to create a NEW ECO SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS through ACTION, ATTITUDE, EDUCATION. 


Our organization understand perfectly the real need of the business community on having fast and clear solutions for the needs that exist now, including the one related to sustainable innovation. Our scope is to find or create instruments and tools that can bring immediate added value, and to encourage the share of this instrument between players in our market.

We encourage the transfer of innovation and best practices on international, regional and local level. We believe that through partnership and commitment from a wide range of stakeholders to projects on all phases of them from creating the idea and team to implementation we can achieve the best results in the shortest time

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